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Our Legacy Film's are an add on to any wedding video package we have. As a company policy, we do not offer raw video files. In the same way we don’t offer raw photo files. The reason simply being: it is a disservice to our clients. There are hundreds of files that are massive and clicking through the folders (let alone them loading onto the everyday computer rarely works) is so much work. There are clips from multiple cameras, without synced up audio and we don't want our clients wasting time trying to make sense of an artists behind the scenes. Though we believe the in between moments that don’t make the cut for Highlight Films are just as important as the ones that do make it, so we created this film for those who want it all.


In the same way, you would back in the day plug in the old VHS camera and watch all the glory play out before you: that is the Legacy Film. It is color graded with professional audio from your day with all the useable, extended clips in a beautiful, user friendly format.

This film can range anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour + is color graded + synced with all professional audio. We believe you deserve more than raw files... you deserve a perfect way to look back at all those moments with your loved ones.

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- Nicole

I came across an old YouTube video of my grandfather who died a few years ago. He was only talking about the fruit and farming he did. The film was so old it was giant pixel's and it was hard to see his face and yet I found myself in tears. Overcome by the sound of his thick Dutch accent, and his mannerisms I had forgotten he'd had. It has become a treasured video to my family and I and has shaped our understanding of wedding footage.

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