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Zach  Nicole


Nashville based husband and wife wedding photography and videography duo. Both of us were obsessed with storytelling before we met... which is how we met.

Based in So Cal our first year of business we recently moved to the South. We believe the 'mundane' is where there is beauty, and we lean into it like breath in our lungs.

In our journey to storytelling we discovered how to document heirlooms that make you feel. To capture more than just a photo or clip that makes you look good.

We long to tell your story by the emotion that’s found in your windswept hair and your dancing feet. The song you whisper to one another as you sway and laugh and feel absolutely silly. To storytell people, places and memories. All the the moments we take with us: raw + real.

things we love: coffee dates, wildflowers throughout our home, sleeping all day + ice cream runs at 2 a.m. + all the overlooked moments in between

*our second work wedding

*our first ever work wedding together 

a bit of our love story

Our first day dating, Z took us to the CA poppy super bloom. Our first kiss was on the beach, stargazing. And we fell in love under the stars in Yosemite Valley, freezing cold and holding each other tight. Though, truly, N fell in love after 21 days (exactly) of knowing Z. Every bit of our story has been exceedingly romantic, and almost all of it: off camera. Once married we started to truly value raw moments and the quiet that brings intimacy. The memories we love most are not seen or understood by other people and so we began to pursue capturing them. For a while we disagreed over colors and graphics, and how to even capture side by side photo + video. We didn't enjoy the same tv shows or music and didn't know how to function as one unit. It was our love for the journey of raw storytelling that brought our art together. We are proud of our work, of the raw motion blur, and cropped almost kisses. Of our films and the stories they tell. Of the cinematic moments that take your breath away as well as the films made for you to watch with your grandchildren. We are passionate about making you feel. Reminding you of a fleeting memory and hoping it washes over you, bringing you back to that moment. We are passionate about the mundane becoming beautiful again.


left: napping by a stream in Yosemite, 

middle: celebrating a birthday 

right: superbloom!

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