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Super 8mm Films

With camera's that are themselves decades old, and a process of development that takes both time + skill we love the simple storytelling that super 8 tells. It leaves no room for filters, everything it documents is the very definition of raw moments. It's romance is in the grain + the flicker of light in the corners of every frame. It can't be replicated.

It captures emotion and passion in
ways digital cannot.

Detroit, MI

Ben + Miriam


There is nothing that can replicate the look and feel of true Super 8mm films. If you grew up watching old black and white romance movies like we did you know there is nothing like watching Cary Grant + Audrey Hepburn fall in love. Nothing compares to feeling you get from film. It's unfiltered and raw. It never goes out of style and in fact ages in a way that continues to take your breath away.

From filming to editing we are use a documentary style approach that captures how you feel + tells the true story of your day.

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