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From the perspective of an artist and a wife of a home:

Being a creative is to be vulnerable always. Your heart is consistently on your sleeve— or in your gallery. It’s in the color edit of your film, or that shot you hope the client see’s and notice’s more than the rest. Seeing your work as printed art is like the heavens opened up and sang over you! It’s our joy to see because it’s our whole heart posture behind creating: to make art.

Until recently, memories were tangible. I remember sitting with the whole family on my grandparent’s cold leather sofa passing around what had to be the 12th photo album I’d flipped through in the hour. These are some of my favorite childhood memories— passing a photo to my Grandmother asking who the young man was only to find out it was my Grandfather’s dad. Hearing who he was, and seeing it in his smile.

I remember these moments above flipping through someone’s iPhone photos to see their trip to New York City, I remember their faces more clearly because tangible photos are that of legacy.

We’re even seeing a boom in polaroids and film photography because it’s tangible. It's real. We (as people) photograph to remember, not to post to Instagram.

From the beginning Zach and I have desired to create art out of moments above being ‘solid’ content creators. We long to see our content shared around a dinner table in tangible form, or printed to be hung in their home. I love being someone’s screensaver on their phone, but to see my prints— as an artist: this is what I long for. As a wife: I know this gives life to memories and creates even more.

We work with USA based professional print shops to create the highest quality from a local source. By shooting with us you are investing into professional grade photo's (and video), so we partner with only the best to see excellence through to the end. We value legacy and memories living and not getting left behind on a hard drive.

Nicole x

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