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the process


You inquire through our contact page (cue our happy dance as soon as the email notification sound dings on our phone) where you'll answer a few questions that will help us get a vision for your day + get to know you both a bit better.


We hop on a sweet call with you both to hear everything about you + your love + your wedding day. This allows us to be sure we are a good fit as well as help curate a Collection that would best fit your needs.


You pick a Collection with us, sign a contract + send over a 30% retainer that locks you in our calendar! From there we send you a celebratory email + start planning engagement sessions and all the glory of your wedding season.

We couldn't stop crying and laughing and feeling all the feels the whole way through. You two are incredibly talented and captured us and our friends and families so perfectly. 

Reuben + Maggie

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