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Hidden Waterfall Engagement Session

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Mist so thick it looked like rain, clouds covering overhead giving us the most beautiful diffused lighting and kisses so sweet both Z and I were absolutely melting!

A few months ago we came across this waterfall on social media, and after a

good amount of research finally

discovered how to get up there! When we had the opportunity to shoot our dear friends who I know are always down for an adventure, this was the first place I thought of. On top of that I discovered a way to get up there without the 4.5 mile hike... quarantine has your girl desperately out of shape, hah!

We climbed down to find better views of the falls and Timo helping his lady down was far more elegant than my slipping around to get the shot! But my man caught me every time... even as I pushed him aside to get them climbing, Z is so patient with me.

The moments between these two were so tangible... we barely directed at all "just continue to love on each other" was all we would say!

This photo above is my favorite. Out of nowhere you could feel them enter into a glory moment!! Leaders of leaders is so true of these two.

The whispers between them, the laughter and body language... Z and I love love that is so pure it is so reflective of the Father!

It's too fun to tell the couple not to be afraid to grab each other and show as much passion as they feel, because that's what looks stunning in photos... The results are too sweet! Notice he grabbed her belt loops to pull her closer?? SWOON.

Wildly in love with this session. MAJORLY thankful for these two willing to climb slippery cliffs for us, haha! So excited to be able to now blog all our recent shoots! Even more excited for more tender moments with more crazy in love couples!

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