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How long have you both been shooting?

Both of us have done this forever. Nicole's shot photo's since she was 13, and Z picked up videography in college. 

Do you both always shoot together?

90% of the time yes! We flow so well together, and have different strengths that help one another out on sessions! For anything other than shooting, we become bag carriers, BTS shooters + more!

Do you provide RAWs of photo or video?

No, we consider any unedited content to not be the full representation of our art! Shooting is only 50% of the creative process and we want you to have beautiful art that we worked our best on!

I don't know what to wear???

Don't even worry about it! Design is essentially our job, we've even got Pinterest boards for Inspo! We always send them your way before a shoot.

I want a second shooter on the day of, what does that look like?

You can expect either Z or Nicole to show up alongside one another as a second, unless they're busy on the day of. If you've booked us for photo + video we are more than happy to find another shooter for video or photo as an add on! 

I'm the MOST awkward in

pics, what do I do??

Almost every client we have says this word for word! The good news is, none of them ever look or seem that way in photos! In fact, the giggles and cuddles from feeling awkward produce the sweetest moments! But our job is to give you direction and guide you through a session. We encourage every couple to lean into every prompt or moment and treat it as a date! You get the most out of your session that way.

What happens if you're booked on our big day?

Dates book up very quickly! We encourage every couple to make a decision as swiftly as they can, because you never know who will swoop a date from us. If the date isn't available  we offer couples sessions, engagements, newlyweds, maternity! You can still work with us for any other moment of your life, we love all of them!

Do you provide any prints or albums? Can we print

our files ourselves?

We work with a great platform called Pic-time! When you receive your gallery, you have access to the shop there which has so many beautiful printing options! We recommend adding a cash item to your wedding registry to buy something beautiful later! You also have full print release to take your photos any where else!

Can you Photoshop us?

While the skillset is there, haha, we don't enjoy altering bodies or persons! Not only is it extra work, we value YOU! The only things we touch up are skin blemishes or bruises, anything not there normally. If you have something you're not a fan of, let us know so w e can angle and pose you well!

What if the weathers bad?

Moody weather, rain, wind whatever happens we encourage our clients to fully embrace it! It rained on our wedding day and produced the most beautiful photos ever! It's our job to make it happen no matter what!

What happens if worst case scenario, you cannot make it to our day?

If there were to be a worst case scenario, we would find another photographer with similar style to shoot your day and we would edit it. If you are not comfortable with that we will refund you completely.